Friday, April 10, 2009

Karma Credits; No one will reply, not even David Suzuki

Dear Sirs
In accordance with the efforts to minimize negative karma build up in the developed world, specifically the G-8 nations. We have started a program to issue and distribute karma credits. This will be particularly useful to those people, companies and governments who wish to continue with their nefarious endeavours but have a hard time sleeping at night. Through our program, karma credits can purchased from innocent children living in third world countries who have very clean karma accounts and an abundance of previously worthless karma credits.
This will continue until such time as their karma credits are all sold and they reach the equivalent karma level as those of us in the developed world.
Since there are so many underprivileged children living in third world countries, there are billions of karma credits to be had at rock bottom prices. For example, the karma generated by hitting a dog can be offset with as little as 15 cents sent to a Botswanian school child. The karma for lying under oath in front of a grand jury will only cost you $5 dollars and can be added to your phone bill. The cost of credits can be adjusted to compensate for any deed from wedgies on your little brother to war on peaceful nations. This program will enable business as usual to continue throughout the developed world while alleviating any nagging guilt in the hearts and minds of the transgressors. We think everyone will agree that this is by far the most economical use of funds and an effective method of levelling the global karmic scale.
We would be happy to provide you with a quote for your current karmic account.
To serve you better please let us know if you will be opening a personal, business or national account and please take advantage of our Christmas two for one special until December 23rd.
Thank You,
Albert Swinehinderson
Karma Kredits International


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