Friday, April 10, 2009

West Jet East Jet

Dear West Jet
I was on a flight to St John’s the other day and had a great time aboard your airplane. I really like the personal TV with the maps etc. I am all for the pay-per-view stuff as it gives everyone the option to see premium programming and movies if they want. I also liked the food and beverage service. Your attendants were very nice and I feel like some of them would be friends with me if we could all get together and go out drinking.
There was one thing that confused me though, during the pre-flight safety announcements there was mention of a laboratory at the back of the plane. I’m kind of an armchair scientist and was excited at the prospect of completing one of my little experiments during the flight. I thought it would be like your pay-per-view TV so I brought my credit card with me. To my surprise, there was no laboratory that I could find and when I asked, I was ushered into the bathroom. (It made sense that the room should serve two purposes given the space available aboard your plane, a Boeing 737-600) I looked for a place to swipe my card and unlock all the lab stuff, but to no avail. I know there was a lab in there as the person before me certainly did some sort of science experiment. Maybe they used up all the supplies? Still, I couldn’t find the instructions as to how to access the equipment and by the time I gave up looking, we were landing and I had to return to my seat. (And place the tray-table in the upright position.)
So if I had one tip for you how to improve your airline it would be this; please make the instructions more prominent and accessible for those of us who wish to continue the betterment of mankind by accessing your laboratory when inspiration strikes.
Albert Swinehinderson, Amateur Scientist

PS. I think you guys have done a great job of educating the public that you also fly east now. Almost everyone knows.

Dear Albert,
Thank you for taking the time to contact us. I apologize for the delay in response.I'm pleased to hear that the all around service you received from our staff, was excellent. All of our employees are valuable team members; your experience with them is a perfect example why! We are thrilled when their enthusiastic personalities and customer service skills heighten your WestJet experience. In regards to the on board 'laboratory' in the back of the aircraft, I apologize for your disappointment as the flight attendant was referring to the lavatory. Our staff is trained to ensure they fully enunciate their words and their presentation is not given too fast. From what you have shared, I can appreciate your great disappointment as you were fully prepared to utilize any on board lab instruments with the quick swipe of your credit card.In all seriousness, you have raised a valid concern in that it may be difficult for recipients of our announcements to fully understand the boarding directions and safety information that is being given, when our staff do not articulate the message clearly. Mr. Swinehinderson, we appreciate your keen interest in WestJet and look forward to welcoming you on board your next WestJet flight.
Best regards,
Guest Relations SpecialistWestJet


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