Friday, April 10, 2009

Movies That Suck

Name: Albert Swinehinderson
Message: Dear United Airlines
Recently I had the pleasure to fly with your airline to Hawaii and back.
You are to be commended for your innovative and varied methods to
conserve fuel and reduce greenhouse gases. While I'm sure you have many
methods that I am not aware of, it's nice to see you have employed one
which I am sure is a very effective method and one in which the
passengers get to participate. While I don't pretend to be up on all the
physics, it's probably very effective. Of course I am speaking of the
giant sucking vortex caused by the lameness of the movie shown on the
forward video screens which surely helped to draw the airplane towards
its destination.
Also, if the other passengers were like me, they were expending all
their mental energy in willing the plane and in fact, time itself, to
advance as quickly as possible and end the flight. I only noticed a few
people who were not participating but perhaps they were exhausted by
their exertion and passed out.
Regardless, it was a valiant effort on your part to reduce greenhouse
gases and while this may be one of the most obscure methods, it's the
combination of a million things that will help us out of our global
Thanks for being a good corporate citizen.
Do you have any figures on how many tons of greenhouse gases this saves?

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From: "EliteCustomerCare11Reply"
Sent: Thursday, February 07, 2008 10:51 PM
Subject: RE: United Canada - Support -Ref#: 7095457A

Dear Mr. Swinehinderson,
Your interest in United is appreciated and we appreciate your comments
complementing United Airlines' commitment to the environment.
We are delighted by your comments. Further, your request for the
information regarding the figures on how many tons of greenhouse gases
it saved is appreciated. Please know that for competitive/security
reasons, it is not our policy to release strategic information. Your
understanding is appreciated.
We are grateful for your support and look forward to serving your travel
Soopur Fishra
United Airlines Customer Relations


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